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PostSubject: Submit your documents here   Submit your documents here EmptyThu Dec 29, 2011 5:20 pm

Right below this post.
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PostSubject: Zelda 3 Sprite Sheet   Submit your documents here EmptySat Aug 18, 2012 8:21 pm

This is an excel sprite sheet that I made while working on the Zelda 3 hack: Quest for Calatia along with Zack (Gamemakr24). The goal was to take all of the sprites in the game and to test them in three specific areas to document their functionality. The three areas where light world, dark world and the interiors.

Using Hyrule Magic, I placed each sprite in each area, ran the game and then documented my findings.

Of course there were some sprites where I didn’t really understand how to place them into the game to get them to work correctly so some of the information that I got may not necessarily be correct.

This document can be used as a reference to see whether a sprite will normally function in a particular area and for anyone who may want a quick description of what the various sprites do.

For example: If you want to know what the sprite OF does. Look up OF and read the description. The description reads; “This sprite drops floor tiles down 1 by 1 in a rectangle shape vertically upwards.”

There are lots of things that I learned from this project. Like for example:

Did you know that the electric barrier that's on top of the castle will only hurt you if you walk through it going upward? You can pass right by without damage if you walked downwards through it.

Did you know that the blue chest which has a bottle in it that normally can't be taken into another house can actually be placed inside a house and you can walk outside of a house with it with no problems?

Did you know that apples can be placed inside objects inside dungeons and houses?

Anyway, here it is.
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Submit your documents here
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